Video slot machines

VideSlots are the newer version of the 3-line one-armed bandits. A videotape machine does not spin three reels like the outdated slots, but it does everything like a video game. In an online casino, the one-armed bandits with three roles, but only virtually to see on the screen.

The video slot machines often have additional features such as free spins or bonus rounds, which makes the game even more interesting. Much is automated and not static like the slots in Las Vegas. With one-armed bandits, the highest winnings are often won only by jackpots, which can happen in the video machines through the bonus or the free spins.

In our opinion, the casinos of RubyFortune or Casino Classic have the largest selection of different slots. 3 rows of slots, fruitmachines, video machines and bonus slots.

The best video machines with bonus features, however, has unbeaten the CasinoClub. There, almost every video machine has a special bonus feature where you also accumulate points for a super bonus while playing.

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